Demonstrating 6G Leadership: JUMP ComSenTer 2022 Annual Review

June 01, 2022

Researchers and students in JUMP ComSenTer demonstrated their world-class achievements in THz and sub-THz communications at the fifth and final annual review on June 1-2 in Berkeley CA. Over 150 in-person and remote attendees participated, with lively Q&As, poster sessions, and in-person networking opportunities for students and industry. The Center's full-stack systems approach to a 6G ecosystem includes analysis and evaluation of various Massive MIMO, beamforming/steering/prediction, and phased array architectural optimizations for a range of complex system variables.

Center achievements include the world’s first fully packaged and electronically steerable single-beam and multi-beam phased arrays, new record D-band power amplifiers using different technologies (InP- SiGe-GaN-CMOS), and power consumption optimizations. Demos included a long range >100m end-to-end beamforming test at 140 GHz (collaboration with Samsung Dallas). Industry attendees also noted the high quality of students produced by the Center, many already hired by members.

ComSenTer Annual Review 2022 took place at the David Brower Center.