The short wavelengths associated with 220-300GHz carriers enable imaging systems having small radiating antennas yet high angular resolution. The key challenge is pixel count: a brute-force phased-array proving 100 pixels by 100 pixels resolution would require 10,000 RF signal channels.


We are exploring reduced-complexity imaging techniques, including sparse arrays, crossed linear arrays, and frequency-scanned arrays, to realize high pixel counts with moderate #s of elements.

Team Leader

Mark Rodwell

Mark Rodwell (Ph.D. Stanford University 1988) holds the Doluca Family Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSB. He directs the SRC/DARPA Research Center for THz Communications and Sensing, and manages the UCSB Nanofabrication Lab.  His research group develops nm and THz transistors, and millimeter-wave and sub-mm-wave integrated circuits. The work of his group and collaborators has been recognized by the 2010 IEEE Sarnoff Award, the 2012 IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award, the 1997 IEEE Microwave Prize, the 1998 European Microwave Conference Microwave Prize, and the 2009 IEEE IPRM Conference Award.



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